12 Best Practices of DMO Board Management Relationship 2019

  1. Regular conversation/advice between CEO/executive director and board chairperson/president or county/city manager
  2. Preparation and timely distribution of board meeting agenda and contents packet
  3. Board annual priority focus given discussions between chairperson/board and executive director/CEO
  4. Defined relationship between board member and DMO staff
  5. Annual evaluation of CEO/executive director
  6. Review and approval of DMO annual destination marketing/business plan

    with allocated budget

  7. Annual community report on tourism and related outlook meeting
  8. Annual board and/or management retreat meetings on strategic issues
  9. Appropriate DMO office/visitors center location assessment
  10. Board member full understanding of committees/task forces and where requested participation in DMO program activation
  11. Agreed-to DMO board/management reporting to government agencies
  12. Regular DMO financial review of operations
Source: © DCG/TAA 2013 – 2019