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Strategic Planning

  • Organization, destination and industry sector visioning
  • Long-term organization strategy formulation
  • Business and destination/community assessment  
  • SWOT/future map and competitive analyses  
  • Future/trends forecasting  
  • Leadership development and productivity  
  • Measurement and operational alignment

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Organization & Marketing Management

  • Marketing strategy and plan formulation  
  • Organizational and funding assessment  
  • Marketing and brand development research  
  • Market positioning and brand strategy  
  • Promotional and sales planning  
  • Customer/visitor experience evaluation  
  • Advocacy and community relations planning

Innovative Techniques

Some of DCG’s unique research and planning procedures that have provided credibility to our findings, conclusions and recommendations include:  

  • Development of service industry sectoral product standards (lodging, food & beverage, attraction, parks, meeting and sports facilities, retail, and winery)  
  • Use of the “secret or mystery shopper” technique for services product assessments (quantity and quality attributes)  
  • Random sample survey of customers/visitors on their branded experience  
  • Board and management team building on marketing and leadership futures  
  • Online customer and stakeholder surveys on strategic planning advice  
  • Online customized visitor, stakeholder and resident surveys on community/destination brand development  
  • Compliance advice on service organization accreditation standards  
  • Application of the services life cycle concept to product and marketing planning
  • Detailed SWOT/future map and competitive analyses based on customer and industry views  Application of the services life cycle concept to product and marketing planning
  • Use of interactive visioning (future to present) and strategic planning (present to future) workshops  
  • Working closely with private sector businesses and associations in the implementation of mutually devised marketing, product development and advocacy plans
  • Application of the services life cycle concept to product and marketing planning

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Operational Productivity

  • Organization diagnostic and performance analysis  
  • Financial operating budget and control system needs  
  • Project and program cost/benefit analysis  
  • Executive/Board succession and placement search  
  • Organization startup and formation advice  
  • BID/TID development/operational planning support
  • Contract management

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Industry Development

  • Professional development training and facilitation
  • Community/destination marketing and sports event curriculum development  
  • Service audit and development planning
  • Consumer/visitor exit, stakeholder and resident surveys  
  • Industry partnership and alliance formation
  • Service and hospitality industry market and feasibility studies

Coastal Wilmington and Beaches (NC)

10 Advisory Services

Advocacy Community Relations Plan

Board Governance Strategy

Community Destination Organization Brand Strategy

Contract Operational Management Plan

Development Community Project Evaluation Plan

Marketing Research Plan

Marketing Sales and Business Plan

Organization Human Relations Plan

Strategic Assessment Plan

Visitors Center Business Plan

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