Organization and Destination/Community Brand Research and Strategy


Typical Clients


  • National, state and provincial tourism offices/departments/ministries/commissions
  • Municipalities and regional/county/parish governments
  • Convention & visitors bureaus and/or tourism development authorities/councils/commissions
  • Regional tourism organizations
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Foundations and tourism BIDs/PIDs and DMFs
  • Public assembly companies
  • National/state/provincial/regional and/or sectoral visitor industry associations
  • Hotel and lodging associations
  • Other destination marketing/management entities


Practice Development


  • Over 30 years associate combined research, training and advisory experience in USA and Canada
  • Former CEO/executive director and senior marketing sales and communications leadership positions in various CVBs
  • Assistance to over 40 state/provincial, regional and destination/community tourism organizations on brand research and strategy initiatives
  • Ongoing development and delivery of Destination International’s CDME elective course in Destination Positioning and Branding since 2005
  • Destination/community/organization brand speaking engagements at various visitor industry conferences and workshops
  • Co-author of Destination Brandscience book under Believable Brands


Current Representative Assignments

(in conjunction with associate company Believable Brands)


  • Destination/Community Brand Research and Strategy, Visit Granbury (TX)
  • Destination Brand Research and Strategy, Southern Indiana/Clark-Floyd Counties CTB (IN)
  • City/Destination Brand Research and Development, Vacaville CVB (CA)
  • Community/Destination Brand Research and Development, Wichita CVB (KS)
  • Destination Brand Research and Development, Nebraska Tourism Commission (NE)
  • Community/Destination Brand Research and Development, Casper CVB (WY)
  • Destination Brand Research and Development, Steuben County TB (IN)


Success Case Studies


  • Visit Granbury (TX)
  • Visit Wichita (KS)
  • Hilton Head Island VCB (SC)