Jefferson Convention & Visitors
Bureau Inc. (LA)

2011-2018 Destination/CVB Strategic
Success Case Study

Plan Approach

  • First three-year strategic plan prepared in 2011 with five successive updates to 2018
  • Over the years, planning process included BOD discussion workshops, staff meetings,
    online stakeholder/member surveys and personal interviews
  • Typically two to three on-site visits over several days

Plan Successful Outcomes

  1. New CVB assessment fee funding stream approval
  2. Priority focus on new digital marketing activities (mobile friendly website, destination
    app and higher social media engagement with full-time manager)
  3. Continued development of the Oyster Trail visitor experience
  4. Additional Advisory Work

    • Annual destination marketing and sales plan development assistance
    • Destination brand research and strategy formulation
    • CVB organization restructuring and position descriptions compilation
    • Visitor profile and event survey research

    Lessons Learned

    • New destination marketing/sales, development and advocacy opportunities recognized
    • Rolling year strategic plan tied to regular annual destination marketing and sales
    • Board of Directors strategic plan approval with updates/status report quarterly at
      board meetings


    Violet Peters, CDME
    President & CEO