Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau (TX)

2016-2018 Destination/CVB Strategic and Development Planning Success Case Study

Plan Approach

  • Advisor in facilitating the first communitywide Strategic Destination Plan and preparing a one-page schematic and supportive plan rationale report
  • Strategic plan approach included group/individual meetings with CVB staff, Leadership Team, Destinations International DestinationNEXT survey analysis and initial/follow-up meetings with Board members for advice and plan approval
  • Formulation of a destination marketing/sales and destination product development strategy based on a previously done inventory-based destination development plan

Plan Successful Outcomes

  1. Formalized strategic destination plan rationale report with one-page plan schematic summary
  2. Five-year destination product development strategy schematic with allied action plan


Additional Advisory Work

  • Annual destination marketing and sales plan development assistance
  • Formalized CVB/tourism advocacy plan support
  • Plans prepared for a tourism public improvement district (TPID) funding and a tourism/sports legacy foundation setup


Lessons Learned

  • Need for a dedicated tourism development officer responsible for this strategic effort
  • Preparation of an agreed-to tourism/destination vision along with measurable outcomes



Ron Price
President and CEO
Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau