Newport Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau (CA)

2009-2018 Destination/CVB Strategic
Success Case Study

Plan Approach

  • Successive strategic plans prepared over the past decade for Visit Newport Beach (since 2009), Newport Beach & Company (since 2015) and OCVA (since 2010)
  • Planning approach included Board of Directors retreat meetings, online board/partner input surveys, personal interviews as required and several DMO staff/senior management team input and review sessions
  • Numerous on-site visits over six-month periods

Plan Successful Outcomes

  1. Initiation of an integrated partner-based international tourism marketing program with associated offices in Asia, Europe and the Middle East
  2. Approved new tourism public improvement district (TPID) assessment funding
  3. Preparation and execution of a detailed two-year destination marketing and sales plan


Additional Advisory Work

  • Other referred strategic plans prepared for Newport Beach Restaurant Association, Balboa Island and Balboa Village Districts, Newport Beach Christmas Parade and Newport Beach Foundation
  • Newport Beach brand research and strategy formulation
  • Balboa Island Museum & Historical Society strategic and business planning advice


Lessons Learned

  • Documentation of a one-page strategic plan schematic for easy use with a supportive rationale/new directions report
  • Agreed-to strategic plan measurements
  • Formulation of an agreed-to future destination vision statement



Gary Sherwin, CDME
President & CEO
Newport Beach & Company