Pasco County Office of Tourism Development | Citrus County Convention & Visitors Bureau (FL)

2017-2018 Destination/CVB Strategic
Success Case Study

Plan Approach

  • Updated strategic destination plans with comprehensive tourism assessments
  • Planning processes included TDC retreat meetings, DestinationNEXT survey coordination and analyses,
    extensive personal visitor industry/community leader interviews, several visitor industry/community
    partner workshops, and ongoing full CVB staff/management team input and review sessions
  • Numerous on-site visits over a six-month period
  • Detailed destination planning training with CVB management team on use of plan and its alignment with
    annual destination marketing/business activity effort


Plan Successful Outcomes

    1. Need for a research-based destination brand strategy with resulting countywide rebrand creative
    2. Preparation and execution of a destination development strategy/tourism master plan to guide
      dedicated tourism development tax funding
    3. Increased focus on CVB advocacy and stakeholder relations to gain local understanding and support
    4. New marketing attention to bleisure and visiting friends and relatives (VFR) segments


Additional Advisory Work

      • Annual destination marketing and sales plan preparatory assistance
      • Destination brand research and strategy formulation advice
      • CVB organization restructuring and setup

Lessons Learned

      • Rolling year strategic plan tied to annual destination marketing and sales programming
      • Use of a two-sided one-page strategic plan schematic by TDC/Board of Directors to know status on a quarterly basis


Adam Thomas, CDME
Director, Experience Florida’s Sports Coast
(former Director, Discover Crystal River)