Southern Indiana/Clark-Floyd Counties Convention and Tourism Bureau

Destination/CVB Strategic and Development Planning
Success Case Study

Plan Approach

  • Advisor in facilitating and revising the Strategic Destination Plan and preparing a detailed Destination Product Development Strategy and Plan
  • Strategic plan approach included initial interviews with Board members and group meetings with CTB staff, Destinations International DestinationNEXT survey analysis and follow-up meetings with Board and Executive Committee members for advice and plan approval
  • Destination product development strategy based on meetings with CTB Capital Development Fund task force members and area chamber and economic development authorities on key community/destination initiatives and potential partnership opportunities
  • Assessment of past and current tourism funding project successes and future project evaluation criteria based on the above proactive destination development strategy

Plan Successful Outcomes

  1. Formalized strategic destination plan rationale report with tourism development component
  2. Destination product development strategy and plan document with additional contents advice on online funding application, application evaluation and Board training


Additional Advisory Work

  • Destination brand research analysis and strategy report
  • CTB lodging tax increase business case documentation


Lessons Learned

  • Need to have associated tourism development funding source of which this CTB had one of the original tourism product monies support since 1984
  • Detailed oversight on tourism development funding related to usage and expected returns



Jim Epperson, CDME