Wichita Convention &
Visitors Bureau (KS)

2014-2015 Destination/Community Brand Development Success Case Study

Branding Approach

  • In-depth destination/tourism and economic development branding understanding and education with CVB staff and key community/visitor industry partners
  • Four brand leadership summits completed (visitor industry and community/public at large)
  • Three online surveys across five audiences (visitors/potential visitors, residents, commuters, and
    community/industry stakeholders)

Branding Successful Outcomes

  1. Extensive community and visitor industry engagement with over 2,000 online survey responses and
    meetings participant involvement
  2. Brand promises developed for city, destination marketing organization and economic development
  3. Brand blueprint report prepared including over 10 action plan strategies

Additional Advisory Work

  • CVB strategic destination planning and report
  • Referred sports commission strategic planning and report
  • Supplemental advice to creative agency on community/CVB identity and program messaging

Lessons Learned

  • Priority brand initiatives identified
  • Key resident involvement with “pride in place” need recognition


Susie Santo, CDME
Executive Director
Visit Wichita