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A Bimonthly Briefing on Destination Organization Matters and DCG Activities.

Issue 1

Image: Newport Beach, CA

EDITORIAL: Inaugural Issue and CDME Program Celebration

Finally after 40+ years in tourism, hospitality and destination management and education, I decided it was high time to prepare a regular online newsletter and announce the impending publication of my first tourism book. More importantly though, and which I’m deeply proud to have been intimately involved and leading the charge, 2022 marks the 30th Anniversary of Destination International’s Certified Destination Management Executive Program being unanimously approved by the 1992 IACVB Board of Directors. I had the privilege of being the core Founder and Director of this pioneering executive management program from 1992 to 2017 while on faculty and administration with three universities in the United States and Canada. Today, there are over 400 CDME graduates with stronger future participation growth than ever. A huge call out is warranted and a heartfelt thank you to the initial CDME collaborators and supporters – late Dr. Brent Ritchie (University of Calgary, Canada), Drs. Morrison and Savaino (Purdue University and former now University of Greenwich, UK) and Bonnie Carlson (Bloomington, MN CVB) and Doug Harman (formerly Fort Worth CVB). Equally important for its continuance as an influential professional development resource, we owe similar thanks to Gary Sherwin (Newport Beach & Company), Maura Gast (Irving CVB), Craig Davis (Dallas CVB) and Don Welsh, President & CEO, Destinations International.

And now, I’m pleased to declare that my new book entitled “The Leadership Culture of Destination Organizations” is currently a work in progress with anticipated copies available by early May.

It is written especially for current and aspiring destination marketing / management practitioners and is a visual concept publication which means Less Copy More Graphics. The focus is on the top 100 successful conceptual models, strategies and practices within the destination management and leadership profession. The book has five parts plus preface and prologue: DO System, DO Values Foundation, DO Operational Framework, DO Financial and Performance Oversight, and DO People Team.

To make it fully illustrative there are 40 each of relevant Community Tourism Case Studies and CEO/Executive Director Career Profiles. Enjoy the applied reading and I look forward to your comments.