2018 Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau (TN)

2018 Destination/CVB Strategic
Success Case Study

Plan Approach

  • First strategic plan prepared in 2018 to provide long-term focus and 3 year priority directions
  • Planning process included BOD retreat meetings, DestinationNEXT survey coordination and analysis, extensive personal visitor industry/community leader interviews and several full CVB staff and management team input sessions
  • Numerous on-site visits over a six-month period
  • Destination planning training with CVB management team on use of plan and its interface with annual destination marketing effort

Plan Successful Outcomes

  1. Need for a research-based destination/CVB brand strategy with ensuing rebrand creative
  2. Increased attention to sports tourism and culture, heritage and arts (CHA) tourism growth opportunities
  3. Preparation and execution of a formalized CVB/tourism advocacy plan
  4. Serious consideration to a tourism product assessment and master plan


Additional Advisory Work

  • Tourism assessment and strategy for culture, heritage and arts sector
  • Strategy and plan development for sports tourism potential
  • Destination/CVB brand research and strategy formulation advice


Lessons Learned

  • Rolling year strategic plan tied to annual destination marketing and sales programming
  • Use of a two-sided one-page strategic plan schematic by Board of Directors with regular meetings structured according to four long-term goal outcomes



Barry White, CDME    
President & CEO