Being a Relevant, Visible and Sustainable DMO in Delivering Exceptional Visitor Experiences and Driving Visitor Spending

Destination Marketing and Sales Management

1. Innovative Convention, Group and Leisure
Travel and Community Promotion, Sales and Services Strategies within a Plan Context

2. Dedicated Role and Strategy for Digital Marketing, Promotion and Sales

3. Increased Attention to Public Relations and Publicity

4. Deployment of Visiting Friends & Relatives (VFR) and Day Visitor Overnight Stay Conversion Strategies

5. Focus on Enhanced Community/Destination Brand Development and Delivery

To Destination Management and Leadership

6. Strategic DMO/Destination Plan Preparation and Implementation

7. Executable Destination/Community Stakeholder and Government Relations Advocacy

8. Sustainable Destination Development Strategy/Tourism Master Plan Preparation and Implementation

9. Influential Visitor Center and Information Distribution Services Network

10. Dedicated DMO Long-Term Research Program with Alignment to Plans

11. Focused DMO/Community Marketing Board Governance and Oversight

12. Diversified Funding Strategy Commitment and Performance Accountability

13. Supportive DMO Brand Culture Investment 

14. High Caliber DMO Personnel Recruitment and Retention

15. Effective DMO Accreditation and Professional Development Certification Programs Investment and Excellence Compliance

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